a strange inheritance

I always seem to inherit odd things from people – I’ve never been one for taking jewellery, which seems to be the ‘normal’ thing for girls.

When my nan died a couple of months ago, we cleared the house…my uncle had died just a year before, and had lived with her all his life.

I loved my uncle so much, but he was a bit of an odd one occasionally, and only got worse as he got older (which is understandable).  We found all sorts of meticulous notes in the battery compartment in remotes (to say when they were last changed) or in the clocks (to say when they were last serviced) etc etc.

Anyway, along with Gemma, a battered old leather-effect pouffe, a crystal sweet bowl, a chest of drawers and a mantel clock I seemed to ‘inherit’ about 10 bars of Simple soap, 5 jars of Cadbury’s drinking chocolate and a vacuum cleaner.

Today, I opened up one of the packs of replacement bags for the vacuum cleaner…and found codes written on each one meticulously by my uncle in his neat script.

But what does it mean?!?!?

Can anyone crack the code?


6 thoughts on “a strange inheritance

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  1. As a random guess I wonder if the numbers indicate, for example, the third bag out of a total of eight? Also, the squiggle looks to me like the word ‘of’. After that I’ll go for the B standing for ‘bag’ and the S the brand of the vacuum cleaner.

    Should I be a detective?

    1. if you got more of it right, then I would say yes 😉

      But then 3/8, 4/9 and 1/6 were all in the same pack of 6! it is definitely ‘of’ but the brand is Electrolux! 😉

  2. Hey,
    Did you officially onherit this stuff in his will?
    I’m doing some research into weird and wonderful inheritances – would love to chat to you further

    1. No, wasn’t in a will or anything…no wills were left. It was a case of clearing the house and splitting the stuff up amongst the remaining family.

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