safe house – chris ewan

Safe House

I picked this up on Kindle for 20p back in December when Amazon were having one of their seasonal special deals.  It is now £3.29.

Set on the Isle of Man, plumber Rob Hale wakes up in hospital with head injuries sustained in an accident he has had on his motorbike.  In pain, dazed and confused, he asks after Lena – a woman he had met the day before and who he had been giving a ride to when he crashed.

When he is told that no woman was brought in with him and that the house he believed he picked her up from was deserted, he wonders whether it’s his mind playing tricks on him.  She did bear a strong resemblence to his sister who died recently – perhaps his combined head trauma and grief has somehow merged the two events?

But then his parents bring in Rebecca, a PI from London, to investigate his sister’s suicide.  together they start uncovering things that seem to point to Lena’s existence and a possible connection to his sister.

From the start, this had me gripped – there’s nothing like a disappearing hot chick mystery to draw you in.  It didn’t relent from there.  The action was fast-paced, and Rob has a great and believable voice – and he loves his grandpa and his dog Rocky, so can only be a good guy, right? 😉

There’s intrigue, death, and a huge conspiracy theory – what more can you want from a thriller?  OK, the plot seems a little thin or confusing at a couple of points, but overall it does what it says on the tin – it thrills, has great pace and a likeable and real protagonist.

Enjoyable beach / holiday light reading type book.


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