storytellers’ club, king’s place

Storytellers’ Club

Because the lovely King’s Place does a fantastic online deal, where (if you don’t mind where you sit) any performance is only £9.50, I booked up a few things at once.

Storyteller’s Club was one such booking that I made. The brainchild of compere and storyteller (comedian) Sarah Benetto, it’s really a number of stand-up turns.  There is a ‘real fire’ (a static flame-effect electric heater thing) and each comedian relays one ‘story’.

A number of well known comedians have performed as part of the club night, and when I booked, Phil Jupitus was down as one of the line-up.

Unfortunately, a month before the night, I received an email stating that Phil Jupitus wouldn’t be appearing on the night. Although initially a little disappointed, I got over it in about 30 seconds, when I reminded myself that I only paid £9.50, and that Phil Kay was still going to be on! (Plus, I got to see Phil Jupitus in fine fettle the following week in Coalition).

Sarah Bennetto was the perfect Australian host, and kicked proceedings off.  We then had New York comedian Jamie Kilstein who told the story of his coming-of-age and change of relationship with his dad. He was likeable in a boyish not-too-annoying-New-Yorker kind of way 😀

Then we had Jamie Dowdeswell who told the story of a prank by one of the patrons of his dad’s pub.  His shaggy look went with his shaggy dog’s story and he was extremely personable.

Next up was Canadian comedian Phil Nichol – he is one of those people where I recognised the name but couldn’t place him at all.  then, when he came onto the stage, I thought “Ohhhh, him!”  His story was of a Japanese tourist that once befriended him.

Finally, Phil Kay who I once saw back in about 1997 when I think he was on the TV a lot. In fact, I think I saw a TV recording of a show he was doing.  I believe he might have been naked right at the beginning!

If anything, he has become even more mad, surreal and hilarious – a little like Billy Connolly on crack. No, not crack, on acid!  Fabulous, just fabulous!

I’ll definitely look out for another Storyteller Club night – it was a brilliant night out.


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