one step too far – tina seskis

One Step Too Far

I was lucky to get this as a review copy.

We meet Emily as she is boarding a train to London, early one morning.  She is running away from her home and family in Manchester – obviously with a very heavy heart.

She isn’t just running away, she is starting over. Trying to become a new person, including taking on a new name.  But why would a bright young woman – a wife, a mother – leave her family, her beautiful home, her career and the life that she has?

We go back to the circumstances of Emily’s birth and her twin sister Caroline, who seems like the negative of her.  Caroline seems to have ‘been trouble’ her whole life, and this has obviously had some kind of effect on Emily and her own life.

As Emily arrives in London and finds a new home, friends and job (a little too easily for my liking!), we realise that she is desperately depressed and that there is something in particular that has forced her away from the family that she loves…and that Caroline seems to be at the centre of it.

I really enjoyed this book.  I thought it was going to be your average chick-lit type “girl starts over, and look at the fun she has along the way before she realises that what she had was better” kind of book, but it was a lot deeper than that.

It deals with a far darker side of life really – and even when Emily seems to be on an upward spiral, she is spiralling downward at the same time.

i was gripped from the beginning, wanting to know what had happened, how any mother could leave their small child in that way, what Caroline could possibly have done and whether Emily would ever let her family know that she was OK in London.

Cleverly written, with unexpected twists and turns that keep you turning tha pages (or in my case, clicking the button!)

One Step Too Far will be published on 15th April 2013.


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