thursdays in the park – hilary boyd

Thursdays In The Park

I picked this up as it was just 20p on Kindle (and still is if you’re interested) and a few people I follow on Goodreads had given it pretty good reviews.

Jeanie is approaching her 60th birthday, and has spent well over half of that time married to George.  Although ‘content’, Jeanie can’t call her marriage a happy one as for almost ten years, George has withdrawn from the marital bed – and has never given a reason for this.

Although confused and hurt by her husband’s rejection, Jeanie carries on with life, throwing herself into her organic food shop and looking after her granddaughter every Thursday.

On one such Thursday, Jeanie bumps into Ray in the park, who is looking after his  grandson – and as the kids play, Jeanie & Ray chat.  And Jeanie feels the first bloom of attraction after so many years.  With George now retired and expecting her to do similar soon, could Ray offer Jeanie the joie de vivre that she has craved for so long?

I have to say that apart from the characters being more than twice the age that they usually are, this felt a pretty standard chick-lit book.  There were no surprises, no shocks (although in other reviews, people have seemed to be horrified that ‘old people’ might still have sexual desires – I plan to still feel horny at 60, so didn’t understand so much disgust with the subject!).

Jeanie & Ray and Jeanie’s best friend were the best written characters, but I felt that the secondary ones felt a little one dimensional.  George and their daughter and her partner seemed to be rather lacking.

I also felt that after 30 years of marriage, Jeanie might have been a little more understanding of her husband – he obviously had a lot of issues that needed to be dealt with, but it seemed quite juvenille in the way that she dealt with them.  It was all based around how difficult he had made her life, and not about what they could do together to make things better.  It didn’t feel in character for someone of her age and there were many times when I wanted to slap her. Hard.

All in all, a decent chick-lit book to pass the time with mild entertainment, but I wouldn’t put it on any ‘must read’ list.


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