getting skinny – monique domovitch

Getting Skinny

Nicky Landry has recently opened Skinnys On Queen, the restaurant that she’s always dreamed of owning and running.  She seems to have a gift with food, much to the delight of her best friend (who is also her business partner).

At the official opening party, she believes her life is finally going in the right direction – she is pretty sure that her gorgeous boyfriend Rob is going to pop the question, the only downside in her life being the fact that the ‘perfect dress’ for the evening is rather too snug!

However, everything soon falls apart in a more dramatic fashion than she could possibly believe, leaving Rob lying murdered in her garden, her the prime suspect and Skinnys without customers.

Can she find out what happened to Rob, get herself off the hook and save her dream?

I really enjoyed this – a Canadian chick-lit detective murder mystery!

Nicky is a great character – strong, intelligent, with a great business head, but with the usual weaknesses that girls have.

The style was so easy to read, just like a proper chick-lit book, but also had that edge to it thanks to the murder mystery aspect.  I zoomed through very happily and finished in a couple of days.  Although there were many elements that were pretty obvious, that’s what you WANT from this kind of book, and when you don’t get it, you feel cheated!

I’ve noticed that on Goodreads it is billed as ‘Chef Landry Mystery #1’ so I am assuming (and hoping) that means there will be more written of Nicky.

My only quibble may have been due to this being an Advance Review Copy, and halfway through the book, Rob is referred to as Brad about 4 times over 2 pages.  I assume that this will be corrected in the final version!

Getting Skinny will be published on 4th February 2013 and is just £1.55 on Kindle.


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