Gemma – if you recognise your mug, I’d love to hear from you!

For about 17 years, my nan’s had this mug.

Me and my two cousins have always laughed about it.  We know nobody called Gemma.  We have never known anyone called Gemma.  We are pretty sure that my nan has never known anyone called Gemma.  We have never known where / why the mug came into the house.

When we asked my nan, she was always a bit coy, and tried to make out it was a way bigger mystery than it was.  Things like, “That’s for me to know”. “That’s the big family secret.” and once I remember, “You’ll find out when I die.”

My uncle once told me and my cousin that Gemma was in fact my nan’s favourite grandchild, oh no, oops, pretend we never heard that…

On Wednesday, I asked my nan whether she’d heard from Gemma since she’d been ill. “Yeah, she was here last week”, my nan said.

I just drank from Gemma’s mug and smiled 🙂  I might ask my mum if I can have it now.