Following on from my last post listing my 5 most memorable reads of 2012, I bring you the 5 that I read so that I can make sure that YOU don’t have to!

The Pleasures of Men by Kate Williams:  One of the most misleading book covers I have encountered.  One of the most misleading titles too!  If I had been looking for a history lesson, I probably would have appreciated the creative way it had been delivered, but I wasn’t looking for a history lesson. I was looking for a novel, and unfortunately they make me expect believable characters that act believably, a plot, and some form of conclusion.

Promise Me Eternity by Ian Fox:  I cannot stress how grating I find clunky dialogue.  Nobody speaks the way that they do in this book.  And what happened to the plot?

In Search Of Adam by Caroline Smailes:  I am not one to shy away from books covering difficult subject matter, in fact I will often seek them out to see how they are handled.  If this had been the first such book that I had read, I would probably never have read another.  Depressing and yet somehow smug – it felt too much like it wanted to be ‘worthy’.

Hope: A Tragedy by Shalom Auslander:  It really was a toss up between this and Twelve Months by Steven Manchester, but this won through in the end!   A novel that thinks it can get by with just one idea and then churns that idea out over and over again, thinking that it’s enough to make you think there is a story in there somewhere. No!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James:  “Oh my!”, did anyone see this coming?  One of my most visited blog posts this year.  I am so proud that I managed to force myself right to the end of this.  It shows that I have more stamina than I give myself credit for.  A bit like Anastasia.  Although my outspokenness about it means that I obviously don’t bite my lip quite as much as she does.

There was one other book that should have made the list, but I have refrained from actually posting a review as it was written by a client, and well, that could put me in an awkward situation…however, I did give it a lowly 1-star review on Goodreads, if you’re a friend of mine on there 😉