my 5 most memorable reads of 2012

I had intended to do a ‘best books’ and contrasting ‘worst books’ post for those I had read this year, but it’s actually very hard to choose ‘best’ & ‘worst’ from around 90 books – especially as I read such a diverse range of books.

Instead, I have decided to classify them as ‘most memorable’ (in a good way!) and ‘most disappointing’.

This list doesn’t necessarily include my absolute favourite reads – but an easy, fun read can be extremely enjoyable but wont stay with me for any length of time.  I wanted to concentrate on those books that have had stuck in my mind – the ones that I immediately think of if someone asks for any recommendations.  The ones that were a bit unique.

So here they are – in no particular order (pic and titles link to my full reviews).

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern:  Read with the book club, this really divided us – mainly into boys vs girls.  although it was very light on plot and depth of characters, I have never read a book with such beautiful, striking imagery.  I could feel, smell and taste the circus, and it was a wonder to behold.

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness:  I only read this originally to see if it was an acceptable YA book for The Girl to read.  It is the first in a trilogy, and I have recently read the second one, which is just as good.  The idea of ‘The Noise’ is unique, and I have since caught myself wondering what other people’s noise may contain when I have been with them.  It also made me bawl my eyes out!

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein:  This isn’t the first book to be narrated by an animal, but it felt one of the most sympathetic.  Dogs are often veiwed as being a bit daft, but Enzo was far from daft – he was intelligent, loyal, insightful and funny.  One of the best voices I’ve read this year.

The Waterproof Bible by Andrew Kaufman:  There were so many beautiful and surreal ideas in this book that all came together in a stunning climax with all the strands tying into a unique but perfect bow. I especially loved the idea of being able to store away your emotions, and have passed a few Big Yellows since and imagined what experiences could be locked away within.

The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin:  I was toying with Dead Scared as my final choice (see what I did there?) or The Girl With The Glass Feet but finally decided on this old-fashioned detective romp.  I do like a good detective thriller, and have read some pretty decent ones this year, but this 1940’s book, recommended by my nan and read by our book club was totally different to its contemporaries.  It was good wholesome fun, with some surprisingly modern-feeling elements.

So, they were my most memorable reads of this year (yes, and I kind of managed to sneak 7 in there – did anyone notice?).  Next I will be posting the 5 books that most disappointed me!

I would love to hear what YOUR most memorable books were this year, as I have a whole new year starting in a couple of days to fill with ideas of books to read!


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