the great scone debate

Can anyone NOT like scones with clotted cream & jam?

As you may have noticed, I am a total fan of afternoon tea.  Once you get past the sandwiches, this will ALWAYS bring up the great debate of ‘which comes first’?

So…what do YOU prefer??


14 thoughts on “the great scone debate

Add yours

      1. No I’m not… Much easier to spread the jam on the scone and then plonk a big dollop of clotted cream on top… Too hard to spread jam on top of cream. Though I suppose it depends how runny the jam is… I like the type of jam that is quite solid with pieces of fruit rather than running and hence needs a bit of pressure to spread it…

  1. Oh My GOD. Afternoon Tea was undoing during my birthday week in Cornwall. In May I had 7 in 14 days and then freaked out at the size of my stomach, took a vow of abstinence, kept it for a bit, broke it and er, had a few more lol
    I even blogged about them back in May!! I’ve had scones every which way possible. I’m sure they’re secreted with drugs ; )

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