the nightmare stone – finian black

The Nightmare Stone

This was another book that I picked up because I was looking for something to give me a bit of a scare / thrill.

John Harris and his family feel liek they’re really living the dream when their numbers come in on the lottery and they have the opportunity to buy the ultimate fantasy house – a huge, old mansion that seems perfect for them.

However, it’s not long before both John and his young daughter start experiencing things that they can’t explain – dark, sinister things.  And John starts worrying that his past may have caught up with him.

The start of the book really drew me in — the idea that everything had come right for this little family by a turn of fate.  You soon realise though that this house being available for them to buy isn’t exactly a natural circumstance.

The build-up to the ‘action’ is full of suspense, and I had that wonderful slightly scared feeling that I was looking for.  It was full of atmosphere and intrigue.

However, as things started being explained, and the ‘scare factor’ was supposedly stepped up a notch, I felt that the story started losing me.  I wasn’t quite as interested, it didn’t seem quite so malevolant, and I really didn’t feel it any more.

Of course, that could just be me, but I found the last half of the book a disappointment after the brilliant first half.  I would be willing to give the author another go though – the first chapter of his second novel that is included within this one sounded intriguing.


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