these three guys – jim johnston

These Three Guys

I picked this up on Amazon as it was one of their recommendations to me, was only just over a quid, and the blurb said, “…reads like a comic road movie written by Christopher Brookmyre or Colin Bateman…” which obviously piqued my interest, considering my love of Brookmyre!

It’s a rather bizarre situation – David is thirty-something and has just returned to the country after living abroad.  He is unemployed with nothing much lined up.  In that normal kind of pub camaraderie that you get between blokes, he enters the rather low-paid temporary employment of Robert.  Robert is striking out as a stand-up comedian with a short tour of some dodgy venues.  unfortunately, he has managed to break both of his hands, and so is unable to drive himself, which is why he needs David to be his chaffeur.

This is a proper road trip book, lots of dialogue, a bit of amateur philosophy, a surreal cast of characters and a bit of action.

I actually really enjoyed it, even though at first I was unsure.  The characters are totally realistic, the situations, although surreal, feel like they could probably happen.  It was great fun, written with a lot of wit, and often had me chuckling to myself.  And there was a great twist at the end which took me by surprise.

I wouldn’t compare it to Brookmyre personally, it’s not surreal enough, there’s not enough violence and it doesn’t read much like his books, apart from the fact it’s based in Scotland!  But that doesn’t mean I was disappointed.  I certainly wasn’t – it was a great book.  Very short though – it left me wanting more.  Can’t wait til the next one now!


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