thrift – phil church


I got this while it was free on Amazon (and I believe it still is if you check here).

Narrated by an incompetent teacher at a failing secondary school, Thrift covers the period while he has been charged with producing the school play, much to his horror.

Often even more bored than his students, and with even less enthusiasm and respect for his job than they have, he stumbles along day to day, spending his evenings in his distinctly surreal local pub with his flatmate Malcolm.

This is not your run of the mill bad-teacher-turns-good-and-becomes-a-better-person tale though – more like bad-teacher-gets-breaks-he-doesn’t-deserve-and-is-rather-jammy!

With bad dates, terrible family and threatening parents, Thrift is thoroughly entertaining, light-hearted and great to put a smile on your face!

But wont someone think of the children!?!?!?

Part of me wonders whether this is semi-autobiographical.  I certainly hope so 🙂

“‘You’re not a very good teacher are you sir?’, said Stephen a few minutes later as he licked sherbert from a wrapper.  On reflection, he was probably right.”


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