i heart london – lindsey kelk

I Heart London

I picked this up for two reasons.  First of all, it was another one in the Amazon special offer list before I went on holiday, and secondly, there had been a lot of talk about it on a group that I belong to.

As I was rushing when I loaded my Kindle for my holiday, I didn’t really take much notice of what I was buying (I spent a total of £21 on 15 books – and have got a £5 voucher out of it, so wasn’t exactly throwing my money away!).  I did not realise that this was the fifth in the ‘I Heart…’ series.

Angela appears to have a dream life – she is a Brit and has ended up living in New York with her gorgeous rock star boyfriend who adores her.  We first meet her as she is rushing to a life-changing meeting.  Her and one of her best friends are pitching their latest idea to her friend’s grandfather, who just happens to own a global magazine company.

When she realises that the next part of the pitch will need to be in London, she agrees to visit her family.  That is where all the drama starts.  her return to London (together with her now fiancé and her best friend) starts to become rather a big deal, and circumstances kind of run away from her.

Not only does she have to deal with being back at her parent’s house, but she also comes face-to-face with her ex-fiancé and her best friend from London who now has a very scary baby.  Could the strain of facing her past be too much for Angela?

Now, some books standalone, no matter how far into a series they are, but with some, it simply doesn’t work.  I think that this falls into the latter.  There was a lot of explanation as to what had gone before, filling in the gaps made by not reading the first four books, but I think that this could have been part of my problem with the book.

There was no depth to Angela (or anyone else, come to think of it), she seemed shallow and vacuous and I didn’t feel for her at all.  The whole story was studded with descriptions of clothes and designer names which, OK she worked in fashion, I got that, but it was as if clothes were more important than the emotions of the people in the story.

If I had read the first four books, then perhaps I would have built up some kind of feeling for the characters within it, but to be honest, if the last few pages hadn’t been the cheese-fest that they were, and had instead ended “And then they all died…” I wouldn’t have felt any twinges of sadness.

It passed some time by the pool, but it is time that I definetely felt I could have spent on something better.


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  1. I’ve read most of these book mostly because they’ve been given to me. Not really a book I would choose and pay for but a nice ‘feel good’ book thats OK for around the pool and requires little concentration!!

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