Often in my head…

About fifteen years ago, I did a creative writing course at a local adult education centre.

I met some fantastic people, and the tutor was a complete headcase – an ageing poet who was rather too eccentric and exuberant to take seriously.

However, my circumstances changed somewhat after the course – I moved from accounts to marketing and communications at work (yes, I know, not the most obvious move in the world), and I kind of used this new angle as an outlet for any ‘creativity’. (Of course, all my press releases were based in truth…)

I then got married, had a baby, went straight back to work when she was 2.5 months old, became rather ill, etc etc etc and as my whole working day became JUST writing (moving into a completely communications based role), my desire to write in my free time became non-existent.

Since leaving that job, my role has been far more varied, and the writing aspect of my day has declined.  This year, I felt I was now at a stage where I was actually starting to think of situations and characters.  So I have signed up for another  ‘Introduction to Creative Writing’ course.

I am crap at being a student, and I have no idea how I am going to feel about going back to school, so I thought that this 12 week short course could be a good non-committing idea.  Once this comes to an end, if I feel prepared to do more then I would have that opportunity.

I am dead scared though.  I start tonight and I am terrible at meeting new people, and I know I am goign to be way odler than everyone else, and I think I might have to down a bottle of vodka before I get there just to steady my nerves!!

Wish me luck guys! xx