the waterproof bible – andrew kaufman

The Waterproof Bible

This was another one that I picked up on the Amazon special offer thing before I went on holiday.  I had read both All My Friends Are Superheroes and The Tiny Wife, and I know that I generally like the surrealness of Kaufman.

Rebecca Reynolds has a problem.  She has always been unable to stop herself from transmitting her feelings to everyone around her.  In an effort to bring an end to this, she stores away mementoes that she attatches her emotions to.

However, on the day of her beautiful musician sister Lisa’s funeral, something happens to everything she has been hoarding at EZ Storage and she realises she has the ability to erase the feelings attached to events in her past.  But should she?  Will it make her feel better?

Meanwhile, her estranged husband Stewart is waiting for her to take him back, and passing the time building a big boat whilst working at a guestless hotel.

Throw in a father-son rainmaking competition, a woman who calls herself God and Aby, who appears to be some kind of frog-woman and you can be sure that this isn’t going to be a forgettable book!

I loved this!  It was tender, touching and completely off its rocker…but in a gentle way.

I was so moved reading that Lisa’s husband felt that she had died because he couldn’t find her pulse – I could really imagine that feeling, even though it’s so whimsical.

You can’t help but feel sorry for Aby trying to drive a Honda Civic when she is used to living underwater.  And Rebecca’s story is extremely poignant.  I must admit, I am a hoarder.  I have a huge sentimental attatchment to ‘things’ – I don’t have the space for this, and I know I should get over it at my age, but it’s impossible for me.

The idea that getting rid of the object could get rid of the emotional memory is a fascinating idea and one that I wish I could try.

If you like your stories to be logical, and lacking whimsy, this is certainly not the book for you – but if you believe there is more to the world than meets the eye then this is an absolute must-read.  Magical!


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