laws of contrition – valerie thompson

Laws Of Contrition

I was contacted by the lovely author to ask whether I would like to reviw her book – I’m a sucker for London-based stories, and as I said, she was lovely, so I was happy to!

City trader Tanya Pryce likes to play with the big boys.  She is a devoted mother but not quite as devoted a wife.  She works hard and plays hard, easily keeping up with the men on her floor, and determined to get to the top.

When she is forced to take Nathan Walthak onto her team and has to put up with the repercussions when he makes a bad trade, she starts wondering whether it was all as much of a mistake as he tries to make out.

I really don’t know anything about city trading – apart from that it’s very big money, big decisions, big losses, big gains all made on a whim, a sniff, a tip-off or occasionally a LOT of experience and gut-feeling.  Valerie Thompson however, obviously knows it intimately – I am guessing that the book has been loosely based on her own experiences as a trader.

From the first page, I knew I was going to get a whistle-stop tour of trading.  At first I was concerned that I wouldn’t understand, but instead I found it really interesting – a basic run-down of how things work and nothing more than I really ever needed to know.  The right amount of background explanation made this a ballsy, engaging, believable story.

I ended up loving Tanya, and wanted to know eveything about her dysfunctional family, her awful in-laws, ‘sorry for herself’ mother and wonderful elderly neighbour.

Although there is plenty of sex, a strong female character and some powerful men this is in no way what I would classify as ‘chick-lit’.  It’s energetic, unapologetic and has so many threads running through it that there isn’t a chance for any down-time.

Loved it.


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