the art of racing in the rain – garth stein

The Art Of Racing In The Rain

I loaded this onto my Kindle ready for my recent holiday – especially as Amazon were doing a summer sale where you got money off if you spent over a certain amount from a selection of books…and it was a pretty decent selection, with enough to keep both me & The Girl happy for the 12 days we were away.

The story revolves around Denny.  Denny wants to be a racing driver, and he has a natural talent for it.  He is passionate about racing, and is particularly good in the rain when other drivers have less confidence.  He meets Eve, with whom he falls in love, marries and has a daughter.  But their life is far from easy.  Heartbreak, tragedy and loss loom over them.

But Denny doesn’t tell us his story.  We hear it from his best friend Enzo.  Enzo is intelligent, under-estimated, devoted and loyal – and he loves to see Denny racing, whether it be on TV, at the track or even actually in the car.

And Enzo would love to tell Denny exactly how he feels about him – but his tongue is too too big for his mouth and he can’t form words.  And he can’t write it down as he has no thumbs.

Enzo is Denny’s dog.

I absolutely loved this book – it was an unexpected gem and I am so glad that I chanced across it.  I even preferred it to the wonderfully moving Marley & Me.  It had that same enevitability about it (you are told the end at the beginning), and the journey is just as much of a rollercoaster.

Enzo is a wonderful character.  Far from playing on the commonly held belief that dogs are a bit simple, Enzo watches TV, learns from it, understands everything that everyone is saying to him, and is often told people’s secrets as they believe he doesn’t comprehend their importance.

He is also very insightful. “They often find it difficult to stand still, to occupy the now without worrying about the future. People are not generally satisfied with what they have; they are concerned with what they are going to have.”

I want Enzo in my life.  A beautiful, touching , innocent book that deals with some really difficult issues and reminds you that whatever crap you may go through in life, it’s always best to have a friend there for you – whether they have 2 legs or 4.


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