perfect people – peter james

Perfect People

I am not sure how I first stumbled across this book (I have never read any Peter James before) – but it may have had something to do with the fact that it was only 20p on Kindle when I saw it (it is currently £3.67 from Amazon).

I loved the look of the Midwich Cuckoos style cover, and it certainly sounded a great premise too!

Californian-based John & Naomi Klaesson lost their young son to a rare hereditory disease – although healthy themselves, they both carry the gene and are likely to pass it on to any children they have.

So, they sign up with genticist Leo Dettore who promises that he can help them create their own child, but with no risk of diease. Almost too scared to believe this is possible, they are soon concerned by the ‘menu’ of options that they can pick from for their child. Eye colour, hair colour, sporting ability, height, ability to learn, length of time needed to sleep – that’s just a few of the choices they can make.

They decide on just a couple of the more subtle options nd hand over the vast sum of money for their ‘designer child’.

It was a great idea, and there were some fantastic ideas that came out of it. It really makes you think about the designer baby thing — is it all right, all wrong? Are there situations where some ‘manipulation’ of genetics is acceptable?

I know that it was all quite far-fetched, but there were some parts that felt quite realistic. However, I found the dialogue extremely clunky – there was a lot of unnatural back story stuck into the conversations rather than explained during the main text.

I did enjoy it — but hate to say, I think it might work better as a film!


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