playing on cotton clouds – michela o’brien

Playing On Cotton Clouds

I had read a few great reviews of this book, and it sounded a nice nostalgic foray through the 80s to the present day, wrapped up in a big chick-lit bow.

We meet beautiful, confident Tara in the 80s, with Seth lusting after her.  He eventually wins her over, but his time with her is over all too soon, as she moves on.  He doesn’t move on though – even when Tara’s younger sister Livy finally manages to seduce him after secretly lusting after him for ages.

Seth’s best friend Aidan has always had a way with girls, but does that mean he’ll end up luckier in love than Seth himself?

There’s a great 80s backdrop to the start of the story, which moves on through the 90s and into the 00s as we follow mainly Livy & Seth’s lives.  We see the whole gang mature, grow up, make mistakes, just live.

It was an easy read, with likeable characters.  Occasionally I found the dialogue a little difficult, almost as if English wasn’t the author’s first language.  Most of the time, it was absolutely fine, but on occasion I felt that it was a slightly unnatural.

I did enjoy the book, but felt that there was a kind of enevitability to it all – which I guess we often want from chick-lit.  Perhaps I read it too close to the far more clever and challenging Twenty-Seven, but I just felt that there was some depth missing.

However, it would definitely amke a great beach read 🙂


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