sometimes ya gotta laugh – timothe davis

Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh

I was asked to review this book by the author who sent me a free copy.

The story revolves around Jordan Spencer. In his mid-30s, he is yet to have a relationship that lasts longer than 6 months. This has never really bothered him before but he is used to hanging out in the bars of Dallas doing Happy Hour with his two best friends, and they suddenly seem to be otherwise occupied.

Gabby is spending all of her time with a guy that they haven’t met, but who Jordan dislikes immensely anyway, and ladies-man Chris seems to be having his own sexual crisis.

On top of all this, there’s one girl who is really getting under his skin. Should he concentrate on her and let his friends do their own thing, or should he fight to keep his self-picked family together?

This was a contemporary story of life as it is now – especially in cities. Even in our 30s, we’ve not necessarily ‘grown up’ or settled down, and yet social pressure thinks that this is what is expected.

I really enjoyed the different strands of the story, and the author wasn’t scared to tackle difficult subjects – drugs, STDs, domestic violence, sexuality, promiscuity – but above all, it was about friendship and finding out what lengths you will go to to protect the people you love – even if it’s platonically.

It was a quick read, if not the best written. A good holiday read, and way better than many of the the chick-lit offerings I have read in the past, with far more realised characters – a good debut!


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