borgen, series 1 – denmark (first thoughts)


I am always late coming to these things – I may have watched all of Spiral now, but I am yet to watch any of The Killing.

However, yesterday I watched the first 4 episodes of the first series of Danish political drama Borgen (apparently from the same producers as The Killing anyway).

I have to say, it really did grab me from the start.  It begins a few days before a general election and follows the rise of the leader of the Moderate party Birgitte Nyborg to being Denmark’s first female Prime Minister and how her new-found power affects her.

There is also the sub-plots of the politcial media andhow they can change the course of politics themselves – all very interesting stuff, and as always, very topical.

I am totally loving it already, and can’t wait to get the next 4 episodessent to me from my Blockbuster subscription.  I realise I have totally missed it being on BBC Four somehow.

A couple of silly observations I made was how Danish doesn’t seem to be a very ‘flowy’ language – they all sounded as if they were speaking a foreign language (not to me, silly, but to themselves!) and that when it said “Shit! shit shit!” on screen, they actually say “Piss! piss! piss!” which amused me.  And finally, I thought that two of the main characters looked a bit like the Danish Billie Piper and the Danish Ewan McGregor.  But that could just be me, of course!

Denmark provides it’s answers to Billie Piper & Ewan McGregor?

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