buddy – brian mcgory


The subtitle of this book is ‘How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man’ and it is the autobiography of Boston Globe columnist Brian McGory.

This is not just a rather weird sounding story of a man and a rooster though – this is so much more.  This book really feels like McGory’s tale of ‘growing up’, even though he is an adult throughout all of his memories.

He tells candidly albeit quickly of the break-up of his first marriage and his unsuccessful attempts at dating over the years until he finally meets Pam who he ends up being madly in love with and sharing his life with…at the beginning of the book (just so you know I’m not giving anything away here!)

However, this isn’t just a book about relationships, well not just about relationships with humans, but also with pets and how they can shape our lives and the way we act and react to others – even the people that they introduce us to and the effect that they have on us.

There was a whole swathe of the book dedicated to Harry, his beloved dog – and I warn you now, you will need a pack of tissues close to hand when you read about Harry.  Think Marley & Me – McGory’s overwhelming love for his dog flows through his writing, raw and emotional.  Even after the telling of his death, the ghost of his presence remains for the rest of the story, never forgotten.

I have to say that this isn’t the best written book, the chronology seems to jump backwards and forwards in a rather dizzying manner occasionally, but it is almost like being told a very long tale by a friend.  You know the ones, where you sit down and they are telling you a particular story, but in the telling it reminds them of something else and they go off at a tangent, telling a different story and when they finish, they only just remember to go back to the original story.  It was like that a lot of the time.

However, it was a lovely, gentle book with funny moments, very visual descriptions and some fantastic observations on life with pets.

I received this as a review copy, but it should be out in November.


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