the morning after

Last night seems so long ago.
Just a distant memory.
There you were – sitting before me.
So full of promise.
So full of spirit.
A fun time, waiting to be had.
Once I got you home
There was a brief tussle when I took your top off.
And then you were open to me.
Giving yourself freely.
Warming me.
Filling my head with thoughts and desires.
But this morning my warm feelings for you have gone.
Replaced with mild regret.
I look down at where you lay
And I sneer.
You were by no means my first.
Many have been before you.
I am sure that there will be many more after you.
You will not stand out in my memory.
You are just one of many identical to you.
Last night was your only night.
And I am not altogether sure that you were worth it,
Oh empty vodka bottle.

And in other news…I think I may still be a little drunk.


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