Coffin Dodgers

I have to admit, I decided to read this book just from the name and the cover. Yes, sometimes I AM that shallow. To be honest, I was happy paying my 99p just for the laugh that they gave me.

The premise is really interesting, and scarily plausible – people are living longer…well, that’s been going on for years, but there has also been a catastrophic worldwide drop in births, and all the scientists and doctors can’t work out why. Obviously having children has become an expensive business, and IVF and adoption costs are through the roof.

However, it means that almost everything in the world is geared up to the older generation – all entertainment is aimed at them, and there certainly isn’t much for teenagers and twenty-somethings like Matt Johnson and his friends.

They have dead-end jobs at a super-casino, and love playing pranks on the elderly clientele. However, they soon turn detective when they realise that someone seems to be trying to kill off the local youths – why would anyone be doing that to such a rare comodity?

I loved this. I kept thinking that I shouldn’t, but I really did. I really believe that Gary Marshall must have had a right laugh writing it and can imagine him going through some of the dialogue with his mates in the pub, because that’s what a lot of it felt like.

The characters felt real – they acted like I think bored, young almost studenty-types would, and obviously they believe they have LONG lives ahead of them and are living in the moment. I loved the relationship between Matt & Amy, and I especially loved the string of doomed first dates that his mate Dave goes through.

There were laugh out loud bits, and there were bits I frowned at a little (how dare he slag off bingo!) but mostly I just zoomed through it and felt thoroughly entertained.

I even loved the Acknowledgements where Marshall starts: “Thanks very much for buying or borrowing Coffin Dodgers. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. If you did, I’d be very grateful if you could tell somebody else about the book.

(If you didn’t buy it or borrow it because you’re one of those Evil Internet Pirates, you should do something to restore your karma. Call your mother. Do something nice for somebody else. Write a glowing review on Amazon. That kind of thing.)

Well, I did, so I have Gary! Hope you approve. 🙂