we’re gonna need a bigger larder!

We may need to turn her bedroom into a pantry similar to this!

I was talking to The Girl yesterday on the phone.  Her school is closed today, but it was at rather short notice and neither myself or The Man could get the time off of work.

She still has to go in for half an hour at about midday (this is for some kind of ‘student appraisal’ with their form teachers – it’s rather bizarre, never happened in my day, and means the school is closed on the Friday before Bank Holiday? handy, aye?)

TG:  I’m doing my homework, mum – I’m being extra good!
Me: OK, that’s good.  Don’t forget you haven’t got school tomorrow
TG:  So, what’s going to happen tomorrow?
Me:  I’m afraid you’re going to have to be home alone baby
TG:  Yay! I’m finally trusted to look after myself for a day!!
Me:  Well, I wouldn’t really use the word ‘trust’ – more like ‘not much choice’.
TG:  I will be absolutely fine – I’m happy to live by myself!
Me:  LIVE by yourself?  Cool!! When are you moving out then?
TG:  Don’t be a silly mummy, you know what I meant. I will be fine by myself.  In fact I would be absolutely fine until…well, probably until the food ran out.

That’s my girl.  although knowing how much she eats, the food running out today COULD be a reality!


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