Well, actually that should be no more springS.

After having my last mattress for about 14 years, I decided to use some of my lottery win to finally replace the horrible thing, finally get the springs out of my back and bum, and hopefully get a better night’s sleep.  I’d always thought it not worth replacing with a crap mattress, and couldn’t really afford a decent one before now!

I wanted to try the old memory foam stuff, and saw a good deal on Mattressman (yes, really).

Top layer apparently stops from over-heating. It's lovely!

So, I ordered the Snuggle Beds CharCOOL Gold (only £379 for a double, including delivery) and it turned up 2 weeks ago.  It arrived in a box 5ft high but only about 1ft square, was wrapped round, vaccuum sealed and worryingly about 3″ thick!  You have to leave it for UP TO 24 HOURS (eek!) to fully expand.  It only really took about 4 hours (but luckily was delivered before 8am!)

It is wonderful.  I never really appreciated just how awful my mattress was, and what a difference having a new one could make.  It has changed my life – honest!

We’re a rather ‘heavyset’ couple, and yet we don’t roll together, and I have even stopped fidgeting too much, which I have done for years and I think has added to my general insomnia.

I have never been one for a lie-in either, and yet this morning I quite happily lie there in my indent of my own body feeling so comfortable and coccooned – and without feeling too hot (something I suffer from a lot!)

If you have the cash spare, I strongly suggest you get one if you’re considering a new mattress – just do it!  I am thinking of a new one for The Girl now (not that she would even make an indent into foam!)

For your enjoyment – Mattresses of Walthamstow, and ‘internet sensation’ Celebrities who LOOK like Mattreses (of Walthamstow) by the wonderful Warpdog  (even I have taken some of the mattress pics!)