where the bodies are buried – chris brookmyre

Where the bodies are buried

I managed to get a review copy of this, which was exceptionally great as Christopher Brookmyre is probably my favouritest ever author.

Note that this is ‘Chris Brookmyre’ though, and I believe this is to signal him going in a slightly different direction.  So, no Jack Parlabane, which is a shame really – it’s like losing a friend!  At the same time though, I am glad that it means a marked difference Pandaemonium, which I was very disappointed by (but which The Man still actually really enjoyed!!)

This story follows three main protagonists – Detective Catherine McLeod,trying to juggle her job and a husband and two young kids who doesn’t ‘do’ internal politics, and feels this may be holding her career development back; aspiring Jasmine Sharp who is helping her uncle out with his Private Detective agency and Glen Fallen, a notorious gangland member who is the only lead in one of her uncle’s cases, and whose death may have been slightly misreported.

When Catherine is involved in solving the case of a dead drug-dealer, her path crosses that of Jasmine and Glen’s and they realise that they may have to rely on each other to answer all of their questions.  The answers include corruption, deception and a history of violence that spans two decades.

I really enjoyed this, and think that Brookmyre had put a lot of effort into building up the new characters – they all felt very real.  I am always rather impressed when a male author manages to write believable lead female characters.

There were many little twists and turns and side plots that seemed irrelevant to the main story, and all came together at the end – neatly tied up in a bow that made you go “Oh yes – THAT’S what that was about!”, which is what I have always loved about Brookmyre.  Except this didn’t have the slightly surreal twist that ‘Christopher’ Brookmyre books seem to have had in the past.

One of the things I most like about Brookmyre is that he’s about the same age as me, and he chucks in little cultural references that *I* understand.  I will always remember back in one of my favourite of his books (The Sacred Art Of Stealing), he mentions 6 men dressed as clowns that perform in the town square, and then walk off ‘doing the Madness walk’, which was all I needed to put a VERY strong image in my mind!

And this book is no different – eg “It was like trying to remember what other film an actor was in before the days of IMDB.” and “Abercorn reminded her a bit of Don Draper in Mad Men: attractive in a classical way, but the wrong side of polished for her taste. Not enough rough edges: al l surface, no feeling.”

I get that!

I am very interested in seeing what comes next, I really want to know if all three main leads will be in the next book, or if they wont ever appear again.  I definitely want to read about all three of them again, and think it would be a shame if any of them disappear forever!


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