oompa loompa, do-ba-dee-doo

OompaLoompas were fine, whereas these freaked the hell out of me!

While getting ready this morning, The Girl looked (slightly) up at me and said:

TG:  Do you know what my goal in life is?
Me:  Nope, what?
TG:  To be at least an inch taller than you
Me:  Erm, why?

Cheeky bloody bint.


2 thoughts on “oompa loompa, do-ba-dee-doo

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  1. Hust tell her the best things come in small packages- diamonds are better than bricks.
    Am loving Good Omens- thank you so much for giving me a copy

    1. Ha! yes – when she does what I did and stops growing at 12, she’ll realise it’s not QUITE so bad.

      Glad you’re enjoying it – remember it’s 21 years old 😉 Let me know your final verdict when you finish

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