I picked this up as a mutual friend of mine and the author put a message on Facebook to say that it was temporarily free on Kindle!  That was back in January – it’s currently £1.53 from Amazon.

Scott is a Relationship Assassin. Kind of like a male honeytrap. He is hired to end relationships – and he’s very good at it!

To entice each target, he becomes a different person – wearing each character like a new suit.  And he’s been at it so long, that he can’t really remember who the real Scott is.

So, when one target really starts to get under his skin, he’s wondering whether this time he has really just been playing himself.  That can’t be good, can it?

I totally loved this book.  It was light-hearted, fun and extremely easy to read.  At first I thought that Scott’s ‘voice’ might start jarring on me as he seemed so cocky, but after the first chapter, there were hints at so much more to him that I really started to warm to him.

This really is written the way that a bloke would just talk to you down the pub, so don’t expect any flowery prose!  but it’s very well done, the characters are all very realistic, and it doesn’t give in to all the cliches!

Well done Mr Wailing – I will definitely be reading more! 🙂