an untimely death – tendai huchu

An Untimely Love

I was asked to review this book back in January, but as I am sure you’re aware, I have been a little behind on my book reviews this year…I am now trying to rectify this!

Living in London on the day of the 7th July bombings, the subject matter was a complete draw to me.  Khalid Patel, a young Muslim lad is travelling to London as a suicide bomber, however, on the way he meets fellow terrorist Selina (Smokey) and is immediately drawn to her.

Is it too late to change his mind? What will the repercussions be if he does? Does she feel the same way? Could there actuall9y be more to life than he thought?

First of all I have to say, please don’t be put off by the cover – yes it totally summarises the book, but it IS truly,m truly awful.  I was a little wary about agreeing to read it at first, a large part of me was worrid that it would be chock-a-block full of religion and why the 7/7 bombers probably felt they needed to do what they did.  OK, that has it place, but as ‘entertainment’ i din’t really relish the thought of wading through it all.

It’s nothing like that though.  The voice of Khalid sounds just like any other young British lad really.  He’s a bit cock-sure, a bit ‘innit’, but doesn’t really have much life experience.  He has ideals though, and at the start of the story he is very sure that he is doing the right thing. “Children in classrooms across the globe will read in their text books of the heroic sacrifice mad eby Khalid, Imran, Selina and Tariq (I being the first by virtue of the alphabet).”

Once he starts questioning whether there is more to the world as it is though, it all unravels with shocking consequences.

I really enjoyed it. It was a very easy read, even though the subject matter was anything but easy.  It really is a story of love though – first love, familial love and the love of friends that will stand by your side.


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