How to make a young girl happy!

Yes, me & The Girl are total suckers for a good afternoon tea – even more so when I manage to get a Groupon voucher.

This one was actually a few months ago, and I keep meaning to write up about it – better late than never!

Altitude 360 is at the top of Millbank Tower near Vauxhall and they offer purely afternoon teas between 12-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays as an ‘Afternoon Tea Experience’.  With our Groupon voucher, we got it for £35 for the two of us, which was a fantastic deal.

The sandwiches were lovely, a mix of traditional finger sandwiches and mini baguettes – and they give you a menu beforehand so that if you have a fussy-eater in your party (like The Girl!), you can stipulate beforehand which you do or don’t want.  The sandwiches were fresh and light and a perfect start.  The scones were still warm, although the jam wasn’t the best I’d ever had – and for some reason we were given two plain and one fruit, which seems odd between two people.


The cakes were lovely, if not very creative – a squidy chocolate brownie type, a lemony sponge square, a chocolate cream layer cake and a meringue nest with cream.  Rather ‘pedestrian’ but all very good for what they were.

Grey day yes, but still a fabulous view!

However, what you really go to Altitdue 360 for is all in the name – it’s the fabulous views across London.  Even though we went on a very grey day, there were moments where the sun was streaking through the clouds highlighting certain landmarks and it felt truly magical – a fantastic experience!