Not a load of balls!

When the Health Lottery first launched last October (I think), I was very against it, as it was giving less money to charitable causes than the usual National Lottery, and this was highlighted quite a lot in the sector press.

Anyway, as my own snub to the Health Lottery and Richard Desmond, I decided to set up standing orders to take part in three hospice lotteries, as this way the actual charity gets much more money – and you still get your gambling fix.  I decided to support Havens Hospices, The Children’s Trust and St Francis Hospice.

All together, I pay about £17/month between the three of them.

Two weeks after I started playing, I received a £10 cheque through the post from Havens as one of my numbers had come up.  I felt slightly guilty that I probably hadn’t even paid that much to them yet, so I decided not to cash it.

Tonight, I got home and to my absolute shock, I have won more than a grand from Havens!

Yes, I will be cashing it this time.

Anyway  all I wanted to say really is that if you’re thinking of doing the lottery, please consider supporting your local hospice, or perhaps one that looked after a relative in their final days – the majority of them tend to run lotteries, and it’s a great source of income for them.

And you might win!