Another 25. That's 75!

People do like a good list (myself very much included).


Some time ago, I did two posts of 5 lots of lists of 5, and they really started a little flurry of activity on my blog.  I thought I would do another one as I was listing stuff in my head at lunch time.

See Part 1 and Part 2. (The hard part is not writing explanations or expansions on my choices!)

Five of my favourite places in Camden

  1. Camden Coffee House
  2. Chin Chin Labs
  3. St Martin’s Gardens
  4. Market
  5. Roundhouse

Five series that I have on TiVo right now

  1. Castle
  2. Modern Family
  3. Grimm
  4. Alcatraz
  5. America’s Next Top Model All Stars

Five things in my handbag

  1. Kindle
  2. Fan
  3. Bottle opener / corkscrew
  4. Stain remover (?!)
  5. A bunch of programmes that I should really take out!

Five surnames I have practiced my signature with

  1. Warsap
  2. Sweet
  3. Fox
  4. Thomas
  5. Fletcher

Five words I probably use too much

  1. Hunny
  2. Bollocks
  3. Really?
  4. Twat
  5. Tosser