Pump it up!

When I used to pay for everything in cash, I used to make sure that I would always get an exact £x.00 of petrol at the garage.  Getting those two zeros at the end used to give me a real feeling of satisfaction.

But then invariably I would spoil the aesthetics and all my efforts by buying a paper, a bar of chocolate or some chewing gum.  I never thought about this beforehand and put in exactly the £x.00 minus the cost of my other purchase(s) – but then I have never really been much good at knowing what the price of these things are anyway…and they were usually impulse buys.

Even after I started paying for my petrol by card, I still tried to get the exact pounds at the pump – but why?  All it does is gives me nice fat zeroes on my (only online) statements.

I have stopped doing this now.  Somehow paying £16.47 (or similar) of petrol makes me feel happily rebellious.