the girl who couldn’t say no – tracy engelbrecht

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No

This book was free on Kindle when I downloaded it in mid-December – although looking today it is now £2.60.

This is South African Tracy’s own story of how she came to be a teenage mum after falling pregnant at the tender age of 15.  She was a Good Girl though, so how could this happen?

With Tracy now 28, this is written just how you could imagine a friend telling you about their past.  It’s extremely easy to read, witty, often self-deprecating and tells the story of a smart, likeable girl who made what could easily be seen as one huge mistake, but you never feel that with Tracy.  She obviously loves her kids very, very much and not at any stage does she appear to believe that her life would have been better if she hadn’t fallen pregnant at that time of her life.

Very much supported by her family, she comes across as very mature and strong-willed, which she obviously needed to be whilst dealing with some of the people who obviously treated her with disgust and/or contempt.

It was a very easy read, and a completely different viewpoint to all the ‘unwanted teenage pregnancy’ stories that you usually hear about.

Even better, Tracy is donating all the proceeds from the sale of the book towards funding Young Mom Support, a support group for young & teen mums in Cape Town, South Africa.


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