scarred or just scared?

The Enlightenment Gallery - do you feel enlightened? 😉

Yesterday was a special mum and daughter day for me and The Girl.

We had afternoon tea (to be blogged later) and then went to the British Museum to kill a couple of hours before going to see a show and then out for dinner. not a cheap day out, but we don’t do it that often 🙂

As we were walking through the Enlightenment Gallery in the British Museum, she looked at one of the statues and then turned away quickly with a quiet “Ewwwww!!”

Me:  what? Is it cos you can see his willy?
TG: Mu-um!!!
Me: Is it then?
TG:  yes, it’s gross!
Me:  yeah, they are pretty much.
TG:  Do you know what I saw that was REALLY gross?
Me (worried): erm, no – what?
TG:  Well, when we were learning about reproduction, we watched this video and we saw one growing!!  honest mum, it scarred me for life!
Me:  Scarred for life aye? *laughing my head off – quietly of course, this was a museum after all*  😉
TG: Mum it’s not funny. It was scary.
Me: Yes. You’re right babe, they’re very scary.

She’s right of course – they’re gross and scary, and she should keep away from them til she’s at least 25!


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