This is just a short story – in fact I think it’s probably the shortest short story I’ve ever read!  It was free on Kindle, and I thought I’d give it a bash as I have never read any Tess Gerritsen, and I do in fcat really like Rizzoli & Isles the TV series, set on her books.

It was rather comforting to get in a story and already have a very strong image of the main characters. And it’s a good job that I did as, being such a short story, there was no real opportunity to build them.

I guess this was released for Halloween or something (I downloaded it in December) as it was of a supernatural nature, rather out of keeping of any of the series that I have seen.  Of course, it’s down to Maura Isles to attempt to prove that the ‘spooky’ just can’t be true!

I have to say, I just found this all a bit silly, and by no means made me feel that I wanted to rush out and read all of Gerritsen’s books.  But I guess it would be unfair to base that judgement on a short story.

Honestly, although obviously very quick to get through, I really wouldn’t bother reading this…