the unicorn crisis – jon rosenberg

The Unicorn Crisis

This was another Kindle bargain – just 97p when I bought it. However, I have learned that price is NOT indicative of quality!

David Ash belongs to The Hidden Academy, a group of powerful summoners / wizards who live amongst us like everyday folk, making sure that magic and mayhem don’t leak across to our world from the world of the Fae.

However, someone has summoned a Unicorn within his constituency (actually to a field just south of Stratford-on-Avon) and far from the light and airy creatures most people believe they are, they are rather violent, and not cuddly at all.  So David has to send this one back to where it came, and then find out who summoned it – and why?

His only friend is a TV addict dwarf, and he now has a visiting American summoner on his case, along with one from Belgium – neither of which seem to like him.

With the recent death of his master, some dodgy drug-dealers, his beautiful but feisty ex-girlfriend and his own past to come to turns with, he’s not having the best of times!

This book once again falls into one of my favourite genres, along with my recently review of Rivers Of London – that of a fantastical world that has its base in our own reailty.  And it was really good – I mean REALLY good.  Considering the subject matter, the characters were well-written and believable, and the story was really well-paced. I loved it!

Just to prove how much I must have loved it, I have to mention what should have put me off.

Proof-reading and editing of this book are absolutely non-existent! Honestly, I was so shocked. I often speed-read but i was loving every minute of the story, and I think that meant that I was reading it more closely than I occasionally do, and therefore the mistakes were so much more evident.

Here are a few within a few pages just as a taster:

“…was the middle of murder investigation…”

“If you don’t calm down you’ll open door…”

“…means that you needs be a member of…”

“I was afraid they’d might have been in the auditorium itself”

And there were far, FAR more.  Which was a shame.  I think the slopiness of the proof-reading and editing could put a lot of people off – and there is no need for it, it is a fantastic story. And yes, I HAVE downloaded the second book already but i am hoping that it doesn’t jar as much as this one did.


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  1. i think that a number of Kindle books are scanned in since I have noticed that a lot have errors in them that don’t necessarily appear in the print version.

  2. I did like the irony in the complaint about the slopiness (sic) of the proof reading. Priceless. Well up there with my favourite Google search – “prefectionist”.

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