The Tiny Wife

Now, I know I wasn’t totally bowled over by All My Friends Are Superheroes, but that was mainly because there were so many ideas in the story that weren’t explored enough. And it was very short. For a novel.

I had read the spiel about The Tiny Wife and it IS marketed as ‘a novella’. So I knew what I was getting into. At less than 100 pages, it’s just a short story really. Short – but perfectly formed 🙂

A robber holds up a bank at gunpoint, but instead of taking all the money, he demands a sentimental item from everyone in the bank.  Soon after this bizarre situation, strange things start happening to very person involved.

For example, a tattoo comes to life, one woman finds she is made of candy and can’t stop her husband from eating her up, and the ‘heroine’ of the story, Stacey, finds that she is shrinking every day.

Can Stacey solve the mystery of what is happening before she disappears completely?

Totally intriguing, part of me wished that the story would go on longer, but another part of me thought that it wa sgreat just the way it was 🙂