My image of 'a party dress'

So, my 40th is just around the corner (yes, scary and TOTALLY unbelievable, I know!) and so The Man asked me last night what I wanted as a birthday present.

Me:  Oh I don’t know, just something frivolous

Him:  Like what?Me:  I don’t know, surprise me

Him:  Do you want a party dress?

Me:  A party dress?

Him:  Yes, for your party.

Me:  Am I five?!

Him:  so, what DO you want then?

Me:  Well, I guess I need a decent haircut, it’s been a while.

Him:  OK, I’ll pay for you to have that

Me:  I wont like it though.

Him:  So WHY would I get it for you!?!?

My head hurts with all this thinking. Aren’t birthdays meant to be fun??