I think that this book could have been so much more than it was. It’s a real great idea.

Fate (or Fabio as he likes to call himself) has been involved in the life of humans for thousands of years. they are either on his path or on Destiny’s (Delilah to her friends) and just occasionally need a bit of a point in the right direction.

Recently, Fabio has been rather disenchanted with his job, spending more time drinking too much with his friends like Dennis (Death to you and me) and hoping that Jerry doesn’t pull him up on his performance. Jerry’s his boss. Well, Jerry’s everyone’s boss – he IS God, after all.

But then something happens that changes Fabio’s feelings towards everything – his job, humans themselves and his life as an immortal. He falls in love with a mortal.  This wasn’t part of the plan – or was it?

This was a brilliant idea, but seemed to be executed quite half-heartedly.  There were too many similar ‘immortal’ characters, such as Rumour and Gossip – there seemed to be an immortal for every occasion, which although they gave the opportunity for some witty one-liners, they meant that the concept of this world was really rather difficult to comprehend. How would they all work together?, where does Rumour end and Gossip begin?  It put my head in a bit of a tizz to be quite honest.

Also, apart from Fabio himself (and perhaps Destiny), the characters were so one-dimensional. They seemed to exist purely to give Fabio someone to go and see and bounce thoughts off of.  Even the mortal, Sara (who Fabio falls so heavily for), has no depth at all. She only seems to exist or do anything when he’s with her. There seems to be no motivation or back-story for her. For a human focus, she seems incredibly inhuman.

There were some lovely little nuggets (like the whole concept of immortals having to wear ‘man suits’ when they walk amongst humans, and the fact that they can be upgraded or wear out) but they tended to be few and far between.

It was an entertaining enough, easy read, but I was hoping for SO much more from it!