the suicide effect – l j sellers

The Suicide Effect

I picked this book up free on Kindle last month – you know I’m one for a bargain.

It’s almost a month since I finished it, and it’s probably saying something that I had to re-read the blurb as I’d forgotten what the book was about!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad read at all – it’s just not very memorable.

Sula works for a pharmaceutical company, and one day overhears a shocking revelation about one the company’s drugs in development.  She is indecided whether to act on this new knowledge as she is currently fighting for custody of her young son and any trouble could be detrimental to her getting him back.

However, events are taken out of control and she ends up embroiled in something a lot bigger than she was anticipating.

It’s an interesting enough story – pacey although not particularly realistic but with enough depth to it to keep you turning the pages.

Would be perfect for a holiday read – or if you’ve recently finished something heavy!


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    1. well spotted. i often get them when they’re free and then (like with this one), by the time i read them they’re not free any more! (This is £1.92 now!) BARGAIN! 😀

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