portal – imogen rose


This is another of those books that I read to ‘test out’ for The Girl.  It’s the first in a series, which is the kind of thing she likes, so I thought “I’ll give the first one a crack and then can hand the whole lot over to her if it’s OK”.  Plus it was free on Kindle (back in June when I forst downloaded it) – which is always my favourite price!

When pregnant, married scientist Olivia goes out on a friend’s hen night in London, she doesn’t realise that a seemingly chance-encounter with a handsome musician will change the lives of her whole family, but Rupert’s first words to her are “Olivia, I’m your Rupert. Come and find me two years ago”.

The later story then follows Olivia’s teenage daughter, Arizona who wakes up in the back of her mum’s car – but all is not as it was!  She isn’t the person that she believes herself to be, and isn’t in the life that she’s been living – and she’s also somehow 8 months in the past!  Far from the hockey-playing, mother-hating tomboy she has always been, she finds she apparently has a different surname, is a Barbie-style cheerleader – and her dad has been replaced by this guy called Rupert who everyone treats as if he has always been her dad!

What on earth is going on?!

I had to read this not as a grown woman, but as a tweenage girl – and if you read it that way, it’s a well thought out captivating story that leaves you wanting more (and luckily there IS a lot more!)

As an adult, I could pick holes in the plot or the seemingly rushed writing, but I don’t believe it was aimed at me – and I know that The Girl is going to love it!  I believe every young girl has had those “What if?” thoughts, that they’re not supposed to be living the life that they are, that their parents aren’t really their parents and one day some rich celeb/rich businessman etc is going to turn up on their doorstep and tell them that they’re their real long-lost parent!  This really plays to that unspoken fantasy!

And I enjoyed the journey – it’s a really fun story!

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