Beautys & Geeks

It’s been rather a wearing time at home for the past couple of weeks as The Girl has had problems breathing due to an infection in her windpipe!

So, today is the first day back at work – and I have been working from home while she has watched Back To The Futures 1 AND 2!

After watching that, she’s watched a couple of other things, and has just settled on what is apparently the fist programme in Series 4 of Beauty & The Geek, which I have never seen before.  Personally, I am so exhausted that I can’t even be bothered to get her to turn it over – in fact, she wants me to TiVo it!

So I said to her “So, which would you be?  Beauty or a geek?” and she said “I have absolutely NO idea, mum! I think I’d be right in the middle, cos I’m just totally average. I know I’m really geeky, but I can be a little bit of a beauty too, can’t I?”

Bless her, and she’s right!  She’s geekily gorgeous!

I have no idea what happens in Beauty & The Geek?  Should I be letting her watch it?  Does it all come out right in the end?  Is it good for trying to break down perceptions of stereotypes, or does it play to them?

(She’s currently getting VERY vocally annoyed with the girls trying to do some IQ type test that she is doing without even thinking hard!)


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  1. I admit to having watched a couple of episodes, shamefully. Like all reality shows it is obviously managed, with carefully chosen unattractive geeks and stupid Beautys. And since my life is full of extremely gorgeous geeks (Really!) and some very intelligent Beautys, I just couldn’t stomach it. I suspect Abbi is too smart to be hooked on this one for long. Watched as fiction instead of reality – it’s not that bad.

  2. I have watched it more for amusement have wondered regularly weather the girls are REALLY that beautiful and stupid or the guys really that smart and clueless ……I prefer to think of it as fiction otherwise its just to sad to ……* speechless*

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