hollowland – amanda hocking


I did actually try to read A Tale Of Two Cities with the E17 Book Club, but it didn’t really happen for me.  It was way too grim, and I found that I was reading newspapers, magazines, ANYTHING to stop from having to read the book, so I decided to pick up something a little lighter.  A friend recommended this to me – and what could be lighter than a young girl in a dying world out killing zombies?

A virus transfered via blood etc has turned the majority of the earth’s population into zombie-like creatures…although this time, they’re not exactly the living dead, but the no-longer-living, slowly decomposing and blood-crazed.  Remy is 19 and living in quarantine with her 8 year old brother Max, although he has been kept in a special section of quarantine that she hasn’t had access to.

The (pretty short) story starts in the middle of the action – the quarantine she is in is suddenly overrun by zombies, and she needs to escape with a couple of friends, before she realises that Max has been taken by the army and she travels to find him in another SafeZone, managing to pick up a pet lion and a rock star on the way (this is Vegas after all!)

OK, there was blood, killing and gore, but it was fun and light-hearted, extremely fast-paced and action-packed.  The perfect anti-Dickens remedy!  Remy was a great heroine – spunky but considerate.  I have read some pretty scathing reviews, but this is a fun, punchy zombie-killing book!  If you’re expecting literary greatness, and a believable plotline then don’t pick this up.  If you want a bit of a break from reality, then this will prove very entertaining and easy to read! (Plus it was free on Kindle – how can I possibly complain?!)


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