I haz kittenz

So, we just went to St Mary’s Church in Walthamstow Village as The Girl is in her school choir, and there was a concert including the choir and the orchestra.

I have to say, the choir were actually pretty good, and much as I tried not to cringe, there is something just toothachey about amateur violins and flautists!

Anyway, at one point we had to sing “We three kings” and on our way home, I was singing the alternative version that I used to sing when I was little, which went:

We three Beatles of Liverpool are
Paul on a bus
John in a car
George on a scooter
Blowing his hooter
Followed by Ringo Starr

The Girl thought that was extremely funny – and then The Man went one better by telling us the version that HE used to sing as a kid:

We three kings of Leicester Square
Selling knickers, tuppence a pair
They’re fantastic
But no elastic
That’s why our bums are bare!

I have never ever heard of that one before – would be interested to know whether anyone else sang either of them.  Was there a North/South divide – and if so, why was it the wrong way round?