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Simon Callow

I saw that Simon Callow was doing A Christmas Carol a couple of months ago, and my immediate thought was “I am going to HAVE to see that!  It’s Simon BLOODY Callow!!!”

Simon Callow is a legend  (he was the only decent thing in that roadcrash that was Four Weddings & A Funeral) and he very obviously has a love affair with Dickens – if you check his IMDB page, there is a lot of Dickens appearing!  And that’s not just playing IN Dickens, that’s actually playing Dickens himself (even in Doctor Who!).

And this is what this was. This was simply Simon Callow on stage with just a few chairs, a bit of background scenery, the occasional sound effect and at one point, an open fire.  This is Callow telling the story of A Christmas Carol as Dickens would have done – narrating the story and acting out all the characters himself.

As far as I was concerned this was 90 minutes of Callow-filled festive story-telling joy.  He was amazing.  His voice resonated, and considering this is a one man show and this was opening night, there were only a couple of places where he faltered (at least only a couple that I was able to pick up on – the most amusing being when he mentioned the ‘fost and frog’ *snigger*).

We came out of the theatre uplifted and as if we had experienced a real treat.  It was fabulous!

And just as fabulous was the fact that getting the tickets (I managed to get them free!) meant that I finally got to meet the lovely @Mutster101 who I have known for 10 years online but never managed to meet in so-called ‘real life’.  And the prospect had excited me even more than our theatre experience.  and he didn’t let me down 😉

Happy, happy times – and I felt full of Christmas spirit…right up to the moment that I came home and heard what a little bint-bag my daughter had been.


I shall leave you with Callow being Dickens back in 1996.  this was nothign like our experience, which was far more up to date, atmospheric and in which he actually moved around, dancing and jumping on chairs.  This was as Dickens would have done it.


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  1. It sounds great – I saw this show a few years ago but with Patrick Stewart taking on the whole thing. It works strangely well as a monologue when you think how many characters Dickens has to play with.

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