locked in – kerry wilkinson

Locked In

When I have read a few ‘chunkier’ books, I do like to almost give myself a break with a stabby thriller catchy-killer type of book (as you may have noticed).

I believe that this one was recommended to me by Amazon.  It was 98p on Kindle, so I couldn’t really go wrong.

This is the first in a series featuring Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel (of which I believe there are two at the moment).  Jessica has only recently been promoted after her old boss was stabbed in a bar fight, which he is currently going through the trial for.  Jessica isn’t altogether sure of her abilities, and isn’t sure if she trusts her old boss’ version of events – however, an intriguing case comes up and takes her mind off of things.

A single middle-aged woman is found dead inside her home.  there is no sign of a break-in, and even more brow-furrowing, the doors and windows are all fully locked.

With a local newspaper reporter who seems to know far too much about the case, and her long-time flatmate and best friend seemingly about to move out, Jessica has plenty on her mind.

I really enjoyed the book – all the characters were well written and thought out, the story moved along pretty fast-paced, and although I kept thinking I had worked out who the killer was, I was never altogether sure.  Even after the killer was revealed, I really loved the chase.

The book did everything it was supposed to – it didn’t make me think too much, it moved along quickly, it entertained me, and left me wanting more of DS Daniel!

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