reasons to be pretty, almeida theatre

Reasons to be pretty

I went to see this a couple of weeks ago, but have been incredibly slack at blogging recently!

I first went to the Almeida just a couple of months ago to see My City, which was really good – and I fell in love with the place!

This play is by Neil LaBute and is said to “…examines our perception of beauty and asks whether it is as much of a curse to be conventionally attractive as it is to be considered ugly.”  It’s the last of a trilogy of plays including The Shape Of Things and Fat Pig (which I was tempted to see but didn’t get around to a while ago).

I don’t think it really explored it THAT much, but perhaps that was because the girl in it who was supposedly ‘plain’ really wasn’t at all – in fact she was the same actress that we saw in My City (Sian Brooke).

There were only four in the play – and they were all absolutely brilliant – including Billie Piper whose character I think had been rewritten slightly to take into account that she is currently pregnant.

The only thing that grated on me was the fact that they all spoke with American accents – although their accents were really good (to my ear), I couldn’t help thinking that it was unnecessary seeing as they were all British and in a play in London!

However, it didn’t affect my enjoyment – it was brilliantly acted, believable, really delved into the intricacies of relationships and the opening scene could probably keep up with the number of ‘fucks’ in the opening scene of Four Weddings (but it was WAY better than that, don’t worry!).

Kieran Bew played the typical ‘want it all’ jerk to perfection and Tom Burke played that kind of lazy, calm, slightly stoned-seeming unmotivated unskilled worker that I love in American ‘cult’ films (think the fabulous Office Space) to perfection.  He was absolutely brilliant.

I thoroughly recommend!


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